The kichwa community of Sarayacu is located in ecuadorian Amazonia; 100 kmts. far from Puyo, capital city of Pastaza province, on the basin of the Bobonaza river, an affluent of the Pastaza, Marañón and Amazonas. Sarayacu covers an area of 135000 hectares of primary forest at 600 mts. above sea level, 5% of which is inhabited and 95% is a reserve and transit area for recollection, hunting and fishing. There area 1000 inhabitants spread in diverse communitary centers like Calicali, Sarayaquillo, Chontayacu, Shiguacocha, Centro Sarayacu, Teresa Mama. Traditional kichwa authorities direct the community (system of kurakas), through a council whose maximum authority is the Tayac Apu, elected by the people.

Day 1. Arrive in Puyo and enjoy a relaxing visit to a cascade or an animal rescue center

Day 2. Day of the air. At 09h00 we depart in a small plane, for a 25 minutes flight over the green amazon basin, to Sarayaku, where we will be introduced to the traditional local authorities. After a conference, we will prepare for the Ayahuasca ritual and a wholistic physical and spiritual healing treatment.

Day 3. Day of Ayahuasca (banesterospicaspi). After breakfast, recollection and processing of Ayahuasca. Educational introduction to its healing and sacred aspects; limits and respect. Afternoon visit to local chacras and fruit gardens. Night healing ceremony for approximately four hours.

Day 4. Day of cleaning and curative plants. Relax, therapeutical bath, healing ceremony with fire, tobacco and leaves; natural sauna with aromatic plants. Brief presentations about traditions, external threatens, environment, culture and instrumental music.

Day 5. Day of the canoe. We will use this day to relax, traveling by canoe to enjoy the river flow, watch the foam, birds, small cascades, butterflies, rocks, beaches and landscapes.

Day 6. Day of handcrafts and return. Visit the artisans house at Sarayakillo community and meeting with local authorities. Farewell and air return to Puyo.